Documentation Resources

Support for Professional Technical Communicators

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Professional Organizations

» Society for Technical Communication

The Society for Technical Communication (STC) is a forum for professionals dedicated to advancing technical communication.

» eLearning Guild

The eLearning Guild is a community of designers, developer, and managers of electronic learning.

» HTML Writers Guild and International Webmasters Association

Both the HTML Writers Guild (HWG) and International Webmasters Association (IWA) provide online web design training.

Specialized Search Engines

» All Sites Directory

The All Sites Directory provides an easy solution for web surfer needs.

» HighIndex

The HighIndex search engine is the world's fastest-growing collection of high-quality websites.
The above hyperlink is to their Writers' Resource section.

» KwMap

The KwMap search engine offers a keyword map of the whole Internet.

» NebulaSearch

The NebulaSearch search engine contains both an online directory and encyclopedia.

Translation Services

»  Net-Translators

Net-Translators Ltd is a leading provider of Translation and Localization services into over 40 languages. They specialize in technical translations (including software localization), documentation translation in its varied formats, marketing collateral translation and website globalization.

»  Free Translation Services - Free Online Translators

Translation Services USA offers a full-range of translation services for all localization needs in over 100 languages: document translation, website globalization, software localization and more.

»  Documentation Services, Marketing and Advertising

Technical Documentation Services, Technical Writing, Marketing and Advertising Services;
LED Light Panels, LCD Digital Displays

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