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» Home
– synopsis of our services in popup form (Scroll over the topic list.)

What We Do
» We Come In
– our procedure for getting started
» We Fix the Problem
– sample list of what we do
» We Go Home
– post-project options to maintain your future documentation requirements

Modern Documentation
» Common Types of Modern Documentation
– summary of different forms of contemporary documentation and examples
Good Documentation
» What Is Good Documentation?
– criteria for good documentation
» Complete Documentation
– importance of thorough documentation
» Easy-to-find Documentation
– importance of easily located information
» Attractive Documentation
– importance of visually appealing information

Documentation as an Investment
Customer Documentation
» Traditional Customer Documentation
– thumbnail sketch of traditional technical writers
» Customer Frustration
– customer attitudes towards poor documentation
» Value-added Product
– use of documentation as a marketing tool
» Modern Documentation
– current trends in technical documentation
» Summary of Customer Documentation
– results of good customer documentation
Internal Documentation
» Value of Internal Documentation
– synopsis of the value of internal documentation
» Risks of Poor Documentation
– list of possible corporate hazards resulting from poor internal documentation
» Reducing Risk and Improving Productivity
– ways to reduce risk and improve productivity

» General Contact
– postal, delivery and E-mail addresses, fax and voice telephone numbers
» Writer's Test
– just-for-fun quiz
» Employment
– instructions and links for submitting résumés
» Restricted Access
– password-restricted area, reserved for client use

Writer's Quizzes and Links to Documentation Resources
» Writer's Tests
– just-for-fun quiz
» Documentation Resources
– links to professional and related technical communication web sites

Text-only Web Site
» Text-only
– text-only site, contains no illustrations or JavaScript

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